Wednesday 9 December 2009

It Is Going Well! Wow. So Much To Talk About for my website for an account of being a Serious Artist and Mother from the Studio (Ha!) to email me for the venue address and any comments you may wish to make

So Much To Talk About

The radio interview went very well. Here is a link to it posted by Alan

"You can hear this morning's great interview by Antonia on A Graceful Death on

Then move the line under the interviewers picture til the time shows 2.39.21 ( its a three hour programme and she is on just before the end, so don't listen to it all!)"

The Exhibition is going well. I have had some very caring and interesting people in to see the paintings and to talk. It seems we all do want to talk, and to discuss things of real importance to us. This exhibition enables the conversation to begin on Death, Dying, and now Religion and our own beliefs. It is very good indeed to engage with these people.

There is talk of the paintings being helpful for Church Ministers in training and for Bereavement Counsellors in training. I am glad and if it comes about, then good.

I have to be very quick as I am due to open the doors in a minute. Today I will take some photos and put them up, and you can all see how good it all looks.

Steve is really making people talk. Not argue or fight, but just talk. This is good, he didn't like to fight. He was a good and peaceful man.

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