Wednesday 10 February 2010

“A Graceful Death” comes to London.

Paintings from the End Of A Life
by Antonia Rolls
127 Worple Road, Wimbledon, SW20 8RQ
Care of Clarissa de Wend Fenton.

Wednesday 24 February to Sunday 28 February
10am to 5pm daily
Open Evening Wednesday 24 February 6pm – 9pm
Closing Evening Sunday 29 February 6pm – 9pm

Exhibition kindly sponsored by
Clarissa de Wend Fenton of Property Lodge, Ralph C Rolls, Michael Copeman RIP


This Exhibition is about the power of the spirit to live despite the effects of such a disease as cancer.

I have painted the last few weeks, days and day of Steve’s life. It seems that most of you have had a similar experience, the loss of someone you love, whether through cancer or not is not really the issue. The death of someone important to you changes your life forever.
I have painted Steve with love and compassion. I painted what I saw and how I felt. My heart goes out to him, for the speed at which his cancer ravaged his body, but I am also profoundly grateful to him for dying so powerfully and bravely, and showing me that it can be done. Despite the fear, the denial, the anger, he wearily accepted the inevitable just a few days before he died and told me he had decided it was time to go. From that moment on, he was so peaceful and patient. The remaining few days were not easy for him or us, but it was a miracle I am honoured to have witnessed. It was truly
A Graceful Death.
You are warmly invited to the exhibition and to bring your own stories and experiences.
At each showing of this exhibition I will add another painting of someone else’s story. This exhibition will show a painting of Mr Hiram Burnett, the father of my good friend Cecil, in hospital before his death. He did not want to die, despite which, Cecil's account of his death was beautiful and powerful and peaceful.

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