Friday 12 March 2010

Peter Snell Died on Tuesday for an account of How To Be An Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis for my website to email me

"A Graceful Death" in Queens Foundation Theological College
Somerset Road
Birmingham B15 2QH
As the rooms the exhibition is in are in constant teaching use, please email the college to make a convenient time to visit
Exhibition closes on Sunday 28 March, last full viewing day Saturday 27 March.

Peter Snell Died On Tuesday

Peter Snell was my Aunt's second husband, and the love of her life. He was a wonderful man, wearing bow ties and cravats, with a large healthy beard. He was not only a father to his own children but step father to my 6 utterly larger than life cousins, so his was not an easy path.

I mention Peter here because before he died, he and my aunt asked me to come to the Hospice to photograph him to go into the A Graceful Death exhibition. Peter said it would "Help Others". So I went and photographed Peter and Anne, and spoke mainly to Anne as Peter was too ill to speak much. I was just in time, Peter died exactly a week later and now I am painting his portrait with his wife, my aunt, for the exhibition. The main theme of Peter and Anne is Love. Anne is and was the way Peter found Love and that is what I will paint.

I have been asked to apply to take the exhibition to another popular venue in Birmingham. I will do that, and hope it will go ahead. In the meantime, I have more offerings coming in from people I met recently in London and Birmingham, more poetry and possible images of loved ones.

The exhibition runs in Birmingham until Sunday March 28.

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