Friday 28 January 2011

BBC Radio Manchester Inverview In February About Exhibition for my website for the well known Jesus on the Tube image and story for an account of an Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis for a short film by Bertram Somme of the very start of the A Graceful Death series of paintings

BBC Radio Manchester Interview Coming Up -
A Graceful Death Exhibition

St Nicholas Church
408 Kingsway 
Manchester M19 1PL

Opening Night Saturday 19 February from 6-9pm
Closing Night Party Friday 25 February from 7-9pm

Open during the week daily from midday-1pm and from 7-8pm
And also by appointment on 0161 432 7009 with Rev Rachel Mann 

The preparations for A Graceful Death are in full swing and slowly things are happening.  To arrange this exhibition means that we all have to do hundreds of seemingly unconnected little things, and wonder how it will all come together.  And suddenly it does.  It comes together and we can see where it is going.
Today I spoke to a very nice man at BBC Radio Manchester.  He has arranged for me to speak to Heather Stott on Friday 18 February, somewhere between 10am and 10.30.  I am very happy about this,  Heather Stott sounds a lovely lady, and I hope A Graceful Death will come off well in the interview.

I took a mad notion to ask someone I know who has come through the grieving process, if I could paint her and have it all done by 17 February.  This very admirable lady lives in Ireland, and I would have to work fast and over the internet to do the portrait in time.  However, if she agrees, it will be worth it.  Her story should be on the blog here one day.  

So this is a small blog to update you all on the progress of the exhibition being set up and sorted out, for Manchester.  Next weekend, I go to stay with Rachel and receive the paintings which are being driven all the way from Dublin directly to Manchester by an extremely modest and kind man, who has offered to do this to help support the A Graceful Death exhibition.  I have not seen the paintings for a couple of months, so it will be great to see them again.

I look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday 19 February from 6 - 9pm too.  Or at any time during the week by appointment with Rachel, or at the Friday Closing Party on 25 February from 7 - 9pm.

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