Sunday 13 February 2011

Rev Rachel Mann Is Getting Ready For A Graceful Death Exhibition In Her Church for my website for the Jesus on the Tube image story and image for an account of an Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis for a short film from the first weeks of creating the A Graceful Death exhibition by Bertram Somme

Rachel Mann, Music Lover, Poet, Maverick, Priest And Writer, Is Preparing Her Church For The 
 A Graceful Death Exhbition Next Week.

Alone.  A small painting of how I felt watching Steve slowly fade.  Acrylic on wood, approx 6"x 9"

You are all warmly invited to the exhibition.  It would be lovely to meet you, come along to the Opening Night on Saturday 19 Feb, 6-9pm.

Rev Rachel Mann has made her church ready for the paintings to be presented.

St Nicholas Church, 408 Kingsway, Burnage, Manchester M19 1PL

From Saturday 19 February to Friday 25 February
In the Church

Opening Times

Sunday to Friday open from 12 - 1 pm and from 7 - 8pm
All other viewings happily supplied via appointment through Rachel on 0161 432 7009 




Rev Rachel Mann is a passionate person.  She is a deep thinker, she is not afraid of the world, and has not only a calling to the Priesthood, but a powerful urge to live life. She is a wonderful writer, thinker and poet.  She has unusual musical tastes for a Vicar in that she loves and reviews Heavy Metal.  In fact, Rachel plays in her own Metal Band called Kingdom of the Blind and I have seen her - she is awesome! 

Despite ill health, Rachel's passion and love of Life gives me hope.  I take life for granted.  Rachel doesn't.  So when Rachel suggested the A Graceful Death exhibition be shown in her church, I knew that it would be good.  As a priest, she deals with the dying and the dead.  She counsels the bereaved, she sees how death affects her parishioners and she does not take such a subject lightly.  Rachel is an Artist too. She uses words and music as her medium and understands the importance of the power of creativity.  So I cannot turn up at her church with substandard paintings and substandard thinking.  She wouldn't stand for it.

I am looking forward to opening the exhibition next Saturday and I am so happy to have Rachel's support and help.  I look forward to meeting you all next week. 

Steve as Christ Head.  Oil on wood 24" x 24"

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