Friday 11 March 2011

Watch Our Video And Help Us With The Film Of AGD for my website for the Jesus on the Tube image story and image for an account of an Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis for a short film from the first weeks of creating the A Graceful Death exhibition by Bertram Somme

The Film Video Is Up, Now Over To You

The link for the A Graceful Death Film funding project at We Fund is below.  Please go now and have a look.  And then, please donate in return for a small token of our gratitude - all of which is listed on our page on the link below ...

Neill and I have set up our project at We Fund, a website dedicated to raising money for artistic projects.  We have already started filming, and are excited and inspired by the reception the exhibition is getting, and the extremely personal and profound responses from those who come to see the paintings and poetry.  

We Fund is a new kind of website in the UK.  It is an American idea, where projects are open for individual sponsorship and donations, in return for Perks, all of which are listed beside the A Graceful Death video.  The excellent idea behind this We Fund sponsorship idea is that unless the total amount of sponsorship required is reached, no money is deducted from any donor.  You pledge your money and on the closing day of the project, only if the target is reached or exceeded, is the money deducted in one fell swoop into the A Graceful Death, A Film account by We Fund.  If the target is not reached, no money is deducted and Neill and I have to think again.

What we would like from you is your support.  If you go onto the We Fund website, the link is at the top of this page, you will see what we are offering for each donation.  Watch the video, and imagine how important each of your individual responses are to us.  It is utterly vital that this film is made.  The story, the Art, the expressions of the human condition of loss and recovery from loss is so important.  Bereavement, the End of Life, Death are all so evident in the wider world, in the news, in catastrophes and in other peoples' lives - what the A Graceful Death exhibition and experience does is to speak to your experience.  It says your story is so very important and powerful.  The exhibiton seeks to start the conversation on what it means to die, and how we are affected by it.  What is this End of Life thing?  It touches a deep chord in those who have shared, at whatever level, the experience which is as profound as it is normal.  Death is normal.  The poetry and painting in the A Graceful Death exhibition goes beyond the conventional approach and touches us deep in our souls.  The A Graceful Death film shows this as it happens.  The A Graceful Death film is as important as the exhibition in showing the power, the effect and often the great peace that encountering our own stories of loss and recovery through the A Graceful Death exhibition, brings.

Please be generous and join us on our journey.  

With so many thanks and we look forward to the next stage in our filming and exhibition story.

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