Wednesday 5 October 2011

Birmingham Next. Come And See Us There.

So now the next exhibition is full steam ahead. Here are the dates and times for your diaries -

A Graceful Death Exhibition next at 

 St Martin in the Bullring
Birmingham B5 5BB
November 4 - November 29

opening times to be confirmed - approx 9 am to 4.30 pm

Opening Celebration - all welcome -
Thursday 3 November
2pm - 3.30pm

Tea and cakes for everyone and 
poetry workshop run by Poet in Residence Penny Hewlett.
Come and meet us, see the paintings and write in our Memory Book

Eileen Rafferty, my dear photographer friend, is now officially on board and is part of the A Graceful Death exhibition.  She has always done so much for it, always been behind the scenes giving her time and expertise and being indispensable in every way.  I am delighted to have her officially a part of A Graceful Death.   Though Neill Blume is making us a film of A Graceful Death, how the exhibition works and what it all means, (ready by the end of this year),  Eileen will also be providing a separate small film and sound track to show alongside the paintings, complimenting Neill's work and approach.  Eileen also is the official AGD photographer and will be publishing many of her works in an A Graceful Death book at the end of this year.  The book will be on sale at our next exhibition at St James's in Piccadilly, over Easter 2012.

We are very lucky indeed to have the services of St Martin's Poet in Residence, Penny Hewlett.  Penny will be leading three separate poetry workshops within the A Graceful Death exhibition, working with concepts that affect us at the end of life. The first workshop will run during the Opening on Thursday 3 November, 2 - 3.30pm.   I will let you know more as Penny lets me know her themes.  There will be a workshop mid exhibition, dates when I know them, and at the end of the A Graceful Death's time in St Martin's.  Penny will run her final poetry workshop at the closing ceremony on November 29 between 2 - 3.30pm.

I also hope to show  work by the artist Stevan Stratford.  Stevan is the artist in residence at St Barnabas Hospice in Worthing, West Sussex.  He is very intrigued by the themes of 'There and Not There'.  Stevan has a small installation piece that is both deeply thoughtful and deeply intriguing.  I hope to show it in Birmingham, more on that later.

For this new exhibition, I am showing the paintings of Nushi Khan-Levy, who is so  interesting to film and to paint.  She is painted looking very glamorous, doing what she called Cancer Chic despite the effects of her chemotherapy treatment.  She is an articulate and powerful lady! I am also painting the portraits of Stuart and his wife Sue for this exhibition.  Sue killed herself, leaving Stuart utterly bereft.  Sue also left some very powerful accounts of her decision to die, and has left us with no doubt that she could not do otherwise.  Her accounts are moving, tragic and deeply brave.  No amount of her love for her husband Stuart, can make his life now any easier.  Stuart struggles to live on without her, and his decision to be painted with Sue, and to use some of her words for the exhibition, is brave and strong.  I know Sue will touch others and will open up a conversation on the dreadful pain of suicide. 

More Dates For Your Diaries

With each showing there is more work.  I will paint more paintings, the public will send in more poetry for which I am incredibly grateful.  Penny Hewlett has agreed to come to London to run poetry workshops there and Eileen Rafferty's book of her photography around the A Graceful Death exhibition  will be on sale.  Neill Blume's film of A Graceful Death, what it means and interviews with various participants in the exhibition, will also be showing and copies will be available for sale too.  

A Graceful Death will be showing at St James's in Piccadilly, London over Easter 2012.  
Tuesday 27 March - Tuesday 10 April 2012.

A Graceful Death will be showing at Sheffield University, Sheffield for three days in November 2012 as a public engagement event aimed at exploring and debating end-of-life issues using perspectives from University of Sheffield research, art and poetry.

More on these engagements nearer the time. 

In the meantime, if you want to contact me about this exhibition, please do so.  I am available on 

See you in Birmingham on Thursday 3 November for the Opening of A Graceful Death, from 2pm  -  3.30pm. 

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