Wednesday 14 March 2012

The New Painting for AGD, the Short Film by Neill Blume, and Penny Hewlett's Poetry Workshop.

The A Graceful Death Poetry Workshop  run by poet Penny Hewlett
 will run on Tuesday 3 April from 2 - 4pm
 Please come up to the exhibition space in the gallery.  The theme of the worshop will be "Face to Face With Loss". 
 The workshop is free.  All very welcome.

 Sarah Crawcour

I want to introduce you to Sarah, above, who I wrote about in the last blog entry.  Sarah has been treated twice successfully so far, for cancer.  She is very sure that she is only getting on with her life, and is not a Survivor.  Sarah does not like that term, it does not describe her.  Though I will describe her as a brave and interesting lady, who is not impressed by the pinkification, as she calls it, of breast cancer.  Sarah found the overwhelming pressure to be positive and to prettify her breast cancer with pink ribbons made her angry, and she did not want to take part in it.  It works for some people, it did not for Sarah, who was scared and worried and coping with chemo and radiation treatment.  Another reason to include Sarah in the AGD exhibition is that she did not want to go to her partner's bedside as he lay dying.  She knew it was not for her and she did not do it.  I like this, because many of us don't get to the bedside of our dying loved ones, even if we wanted to - and many of us wish we had.  And equally, many do not want to be at the bedside at the moment of death, even if they could.  It really doesn't matter, but we tend to believe we ought to be there.  It is more often that people die alone, without us, than with us in the room with them.  Sarah had done what she could, and had said her goodbyes, and knew her mind.  

Neill Blume has finished our short film describing what the exhibition is about, and how those who take part in it react.  I will put a link to it here, and hope that you will enjoy it.  I want to thank Neill who has made a very good film indeed, and all those who took part in it.

I hope to see you all at the exhibition which starts at St James's in Piccadilly on Tuesday 27 March at 10am.  The Open Evening is that evening, the 27 March, from 7 - 8.30pm.  

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