Monday 12 May 2014

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I set up the exhibition a week today.  A week tomorrow, the exhibition opens, and in the evening we will host a small Opening Event, which will be filmed by EBS, Educational Broadcasting System, South Korea.

EBS are making a documentary in three parts to bring to the attention of the South Korean audience, the importance of not avoiding end of life discussions and preparations.  A Graceful Death is a very small part of their filming schedule, they are filming many different events during Dying Matters Awareness Week, and they are asking questions and listening to very eminent speakers in the UK on end of life matters.  The film crew, the producer and the organiser/translator from the documentary Docuprime were here in the studio yesterday filming and they are a good, professional, interesting and very high thinking outfit.  They flew in from South Korea to film in the UK, and we will see them again at the Opening Event next Tuesday.

I am delighted to have Dying Matters Association publish a blog about A Graceful Death, and in order for you to have instant access to it, click here -

The South Korean producer of Docuprime in the studio yesterday filming interviews with Claire Rudland, who has a portrait in AGD, and me, with a drawing of Claire I did for the camera.  

The programme of events for this A Graceful Death week - to book your place please email Peter Wells on or just turn up on the day.

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