Saturday 2 October 2010

The Dublin Date Is Nearing, Organising And Details Now for my website for my other website for an account of an Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis

Much Still To Do For Dublin Dates

I have finished the paintings.  Yes, the ones that I needed to do for this Dublin showing are done and drying.  I still have some poetry to write up that was sent in by people who visited the exhibition and want to add something of their own.   Apart from that, it is all organisation and detail now.  The Hosts in Ireland wish to remain anonymous, as this particular show is a Private Showing in a Private House.  They are setting up an invitation only exhibition where they have been selecting and asking all those they think will be interested in the paintings.  I have an opening night on the Thursday 21 October, and over the next few days,  the exhibition is aiming to attract at least 200 people.  The Dublin Hosts know and are connected to a lot of people.

I am very impressed with the way the A Graceful Death is being organised in Dublin.  I think it will be a very targeted group of people and organisations that come, and I will need my wits about me, because as with all the AGD exhibitions, questions will be asked as to what exactly I am doing, and why.  Well, gosh, I have answered that so often and because I feel the exhibition is such a fluid and organic enterprise, the answers can get bigger and bigger.  I am doing this show because I can.  It is the only way I can share the depth of the experience of loss and of love.  I am not alone, all of you have a story to tell of love and loss, but for a while I thought I was the only one to suffer in the way I was suffering.  I tried to paint it to make sense of it.  And once I had done that, I found that I was just one of many to have had a bereavement.  I was just one of millions of ongoing bereavements, and all of us felt this bad.  

I will keep you all informed of the A Graceful Death in Dublin.  I will honour my Hosts wishes to remain anonymous, and I will tell you all how it went.  I will photo it and tell you how it was received, which I cannot for the life of me, predict.  

There are two more firm dates that you can come and visit, which are in February 2011 at the Rev Rachel Mann's church, St Nicholas in Burnage in Manchester. More details and publicity on that when nearer the time.  And in November 2011, AGD is going to St Martins in the Bullring in Birmingham.  That will be for about 3weeks, and will include workshops that I will be taking on bereavement and related feelings, with the very talented poet Penny Hewlet.  I have ideas for other workshops, some very unusual, but all very significant.  More too, on that, nearer the time.

Now I must go and Laminate.  All the painting descriptions and the write ups need to be prepared and make indestructable.  Laminate them, I thought, and so now I shall.  I must also send out all the invitations, the related publicity to the selected invitees, and the information that needs to accompany each invite.  The paintings are being collected by two wonderful and dedicated Irish Men In A Large Vehicle next weekend, out of the goodness of their hearts.  All they ask is a bed for the night.  They will get that and a large meal on the hour every hour and many many grateful thanks.  So now I must go and Pepare.  More later.

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  1. I'm sure the exhibition will go very well indeed. Looking forward to the next instalment,