Monday 30 November 2009

The Power Of Pain for my blog on being an Artist and Mother, from my Studio

The Power Of Pain

This is not my pain, it belongs to a few of Steves relatives who have mounted a sudden campaign to close down this exhibition. I am sorry that they feel so bad, and hope that they may begin to feel better one day.

The Hospices have had to withdraw their support officially for this A Graceful Death exhibition, because they quite rightly cannot be seen to be involved in any kind of conflict. I understand this, and thank both hospices for their excellent and kind involvement until they had to make their decision. I am keeping them informed of progress and responses, and donations and money is flowing in for them. This makes us all very happy! I am of course, still collecting donations for them both, and am so grateful for the generosity you have all shown.

The Quakers have also withdrawn their offer of a venue for the exhibition, which is understandable as they too cannot cope with disagreements as an organisation. There is much love and kindness there, and I have made some very good friends.

However I have found a new venue and the exhibition will go ahead. All of you on the mailing list have received your invitation, and so far all those who were coming to the Quakers are coming to the new venue. I am very surprised that despite these last minute changes and withdrawals, I am receiving more support than ever. It is amazing how many people are touched by the paintings and the need to add their own story, and to recognise the importance of End Of Life Care.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Steve's death. We had a gentle day and my Quaker friends came and gave me a hug. It is also wonderful that both the Quakers and people from the Hospices may decide to come to the exhibition, completely in a private capacity and with no attachement to the Hospices at all. They are very welcome.

For details of the new venue, please email me on . See you all there.

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