Friday 20 November 2009

A Small Progress for my website for and account of life, from the studio, of a busy Artist and Mother if you want to contact me

A Small Progress

I have had a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury today. Funnily enough he can't make the exhibition, but the letter was very personal and encouraging. I wonder what would have happened if I had asked the Pope.

I have now two beautiful poems to add to the exhibition, from a couple of people lovingly remembering someone important in their lives. There is the possibility of a song I can print, on the memory of a loved one and a possible taped interview of a man contemplating his last days with a terminal illness. All of the things I want to show are about hope, love, strength and a spiritual power that seems to come from those accepting their lives will end soon.

I have a Memory Tree now, to bring and place in the exhbition so that people can tie a ribbon with the name of someone they want to commemorate on it, and remember.

Painting? Well, I have not had time recently for that, but next week I will dedicate to finishing painting my last image of how I felt.

Inside? Well, I am sure of Steve's support. He loved the paintings I showed him before he died, and kept some of them in his room in the hospital. I hope he is really at rest, and sometimes I think he is with me and sometimes not. It is all very interesting, and when I feel he is here, if I start to concentrate and analyse it, the feeling goes. It seems I have to be as simple as possible for him to come.


  1. I wonder how many people would support this "show" if they knew how it is upsetting Stevens family?

  2. Dear Anonymous, Antonia is getting a lot of support with what she is doing as people see it as a brave way to stimulate discussion about death and dying, and to draw attention to the needs of the ill and their families. Antonia was the closest to Steve as he was dying and I trust her judgement that he would have supported what she is doing. Please try and see this as something positive, loving and a contribution to thinking about the care of the dying. AB

  3. Inspiring as ever. Keep up the good work.