Thursday 28 January 2010

All Going Well for an account of being an Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis for my website to email me

All Going Well

Though very slowly it seems. I am sending out invites today, and will come up to London to do some personal visits to various places next week. I am always nervous of doing this, it is not easy to ask people to look at your own paintings.

I am looking forward to the whole thing. I have many friends and contacts in London, and I am hoping they will all come and will give me feedback too, on the paintings and the ideas behind the paintings.

The exhibition in December was a very important first step in asking for the conversation on How We Die to begin. I have only, so far, one story. Some people have many, some people lose friends, family members, children and even pets, and I can't imagine how they cope. I spent two years painting Steve, two years going over and over and over his last few weeks, days and day. I am in a much better frame of mind now, and am able to get on with life again. Steve will never go, but he is with me alongside my life now that includes a new partner for me, who is very supportive and deeply understanding of the whole A Graceful Death exhibition.

More when I have painted Mr Hiram Burnett. He is the new painting in the exhibition.

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