Monday 11 January 2010

An Update On The London Exhibition for my blog about being an artist and mother and all it takes. for my website to contact me

A Little More On The London Exhibition

It is the beginning of January, and I have had time to put away the A Graceful Death exhibition here in West Sussex. Above is a picture from the first exhibition.

The next venue will be in London at the end of February, the dates will be finalised on Thursday and I will put them up here on Friday. At this London exhibition, I will have one more image to add. I want this story of the End Of A Life to include other Lives too. I hope I can do the painting in time. More of that later when I have proper permission to paint the person.

It will be interesting to see how the exhibition presents itself to the London audience. I am giving an interview to a magazine later this week, and when that is up and running I will put a link to it.

More soon.

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