Friday 9 July 2010

A Graceful Death Goes To Milton Manor Near Oxford Today for my website for my other website for an account of an Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis to email me

Milton Manor Today and A Graceful Death in a Greenhouse with No Glass

I believe!  I am told this is where I will set up, or it could be in the Tack Room with Lots of Straw or the Tea Room.  It doesn't matter, the exhibition will be set up wherever it is given space, and will be just as powerful.  The paintings will reach a different public today and tomorrow, in a kind of chaotic festival set up around the theme of Love, and we will see what happens.  I am camping with other Fesival Goers in the grounds of Milton Manor, and will have friends and family with me.  We will be there till Sunday morning.

I hope you will be able to come, and come and find me and talk to me.  

I look forward to it! 

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