Monday 5 July 2010

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An Update On Oxford.  And Then ...

Manchester February 2011 with the Rev Rachel Mann
A Graceful Death will be showing for one day only at a rather fascinating and chaotic festival of Love Poetry in Oxford this Saturday.  The Festival of the Nine Muses takes place at

Milton Manor, near Oxford.

The Festival of the Nine Muses

Hosted by Anthony Mockler, the Nine Muses, and members of the Chelsea Arts Club

From 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday 10th July 2010, at Milton Manor, Milton, Oxfordshire 0X14 4EN

A Graceful Death will be showing there, with the unifying theme of both the exhibition and the festival being Love.  The Festival charges for entry, so be prepared for that.  Have a look at the website on the following link -

It will be interesting and fun, and I would love to see you there.

The next firm booking I have is with the wonderful Rev Rachel Mann in Manchester.  She will host the A Graceful Death in her church, St Nicholas Church, Burnage.  The date so far will be around February 2011.  We are hoping for a two week exhibition in the church itself.  I will, of course, fill you all in on that when I know more.

The next big question is How To Pay For The Exhibition To Travel.  I am beginning to be sent donations to A Graceful Death, which is absolutely wonderful and vital.  It costs me a lot to take it around and show it, not least to paint it all and provide all the images for the exhibition.  This is my passion, that is understood.  A Graceful Death means everything to me, and it touches so many lives as it tours.  So many people that have seen it have so much to offer too, and I have poetry, images that I will paint, and prose to add to each time the exhibition is mounted.

If you can donate to the A Graceful Death fund for its production costs, please do so.  If you wish to sponsor it then I will add your name to the list of sponsors. If you wish to make a donation without sponsorship, then please do.  Contact me on to arrange any donations or offerings that you wish to offer.  I am grateful for all help.  The exhibition is beautiful, it is profound and it is full of love and life and hope and the miracle of death and dying, and the pain of our loss.  And our life still going on whatever we may feel.  Hope.

Come to Oxford if you can, and come and find me and talk to me.  Bring me your stories, tell me about yourself, come and see the paintings, come and take part.

Finally, the Festival may well be the only time I get the exhibit in an old Greenhouse With No Glass.  I believe I am going to be in there and I can't wait.  Hope to see you on Saturday.

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