Friday 2 October 2009

All Going Well

The paintings are going well. They take over a bit, and have a life of their own. I start with a feeling, an idea, and put paint on the surface and am surprised at what happens. Sometimes the paint seems to lead and I follow. I have done the full length portrait of a healthy Steve, and it stands looking at me in the studio, and is lovely to see. I didn't find it too easy to paint, it was so ridiculous pianting a face I remember so well that simply did not exist any more. Which always leads to Where Did He Go?

The Loneliness Triptych is done, and has turned out differently to my original idea. The images evolved as I was painting it, and I am satisfied that it works.

I am going to speak about this exhibition on the day before it opens, on BBC Radio Sussex. It will be on the Faith Programme at about 8.40am on Sunday 6 December. I look forward to it, this is such an important exhibition and subject.

Next week I am going back to the wonderful Hospice, St Barnabas in Worthing, who helped Steve out of this life. I want to raise funds for St Barnabas, and they are going to help me with ideas and I hope, people to contact. I look forward to it very much, and it doesn't matter if I cry either. That's part of the beauty of a Hospice. They understand the way we who are left are vulnerable to tears and flashbacks. I will go and see Steve's bed if I have the strength. It will be a bit emotional but I want to do it.

I am thinking about where God is in this exhibition. Where Faith is. I want to consider this and will write on it in the next post. It is important and I am frequently asked about it concerning this exhibition and the subject of death and bereavement. Often I can't reply and need to work out what it is that I am thinking and feeling.

More pictures soon .

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  1. Glad to hear that the pictures are going well. keep it up. I think I will try and visit the exhibition.
    C x