Friday 16 October 2009

Invites, Masses Of Paper, Dreams And Silence

I am designing the invites today. I have the Press Release, the paintings, the venue, the interest, the ideas. I now have to start putting them together.

I have put on hold all my commissions in order to do this exhibition. The aim is to highlight life as it ends, to tell my story and to raise awareness and funds for St Barnabas House Hospice where Steve died. I have been doing this for love. It was something I had to and wanted to do, and I am compelled to explore the subject of end of life. It did happen to me via someone I knew and loved, it happens to all of us. But I have painted and written my experience. I have painted what I saw, and painted how I felt. Goodness I have so much more to do with this subject.

The idea is that this exhibition tours. I want to take it to anywhere that will show it. I want the exhibition to grow with each showing. This will include all (or any) of the written contributions from the first exhibition in Chichester. I am including a Graceful Death book for all those who have a story to tell to write it or draw it. I would include any other images I may be allowed to paint, of other people at the end of their lives. I would love to include more paintings, which I would paint, of loved ones at the end of their days here, whether at home, in a hospice, a hospital, a home - this exhibition starts with my story and should continue with yours.

I have had interest from both Germany (yes!) and Birmingham. If you can host this exhibition in your area, or know somewhere that can, please contact me. .

The Dream. Last night I dreamt of the back of Steve's head as he slept. It is interesting that I have never had a dream, except on the day he died, of his face. I knew it was the back of Steve's head and watched in my dream how his hair had not changed, and how the colour was the same. In the dream I felt tender, as if he were a sleeping child.

And the silence. Well. In the studio I can be very silent. Only the wind blowing outside and all my ideas blowing inside. I love this silence. Everyone is out, at work or school, the phone may ring, but silence falls again after each conversation. I can stop typing and the clicking of the keys is gone and I can chose to be utterly without noise

Invites coming soon. They will be up on the websites too. Be prepared to come.

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