Tuesday 13 October 2009

A New Image

Here is an image of the last bath we gave Steve. We had a joke about plastic ducks, which is why they are in here.

I wanted to show the wasted body, the way the cancer had eaten him up and left him like this, skin and bone. And yet he kept breathing. He kept going, his life wasn't over yet. I wanted to show the bones showing through his shoulders and chest, the tendons in his neck and how the shape of his head was so perfect. In this picture, Steve had stopped being able to communicate and was confused and uncomfortable. This was the last bath he had, it had stopped giving him relief.

Today I am doing so much paper work. I am writing articles for this exhibition, writing emails and sending off all sorts of ideas to people.

A very very good development is that St Barnabas House, the hospice that took care of Steve and helped us all as he died, is backing this exhibition. I have set up a donations page for you all to donate to the hospice - www.justgiving.com/agracefuldeath . Please help another Steve and Antonia find their way through the end of a life.

More tomorrow. I am going now to visit some doctors and try and interest them in this exhibition.

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