Monday 5 October 2009

Sometimes All I Have To Do Is Think

Sometimes when the day is hard to take in hand, all I can do is think. Today I showed some friends the paintings so far, and found it difficult to do. I was worried that the power and feeling I have about Death and Dying and Steve's last days, would not be there when someone else saw the pictures. I worry too that I will never get the paintings done, there is no end to the images I want to create. But my friends were kind and honest and thoughtful, their comments were very helpful. It is time I called my artist friend in Middleton, who is also very good at feedback that makes you see what you are doing more clearly.

Tomorrow I go to the Hospice where Steve died to talk to them about fundraising for them and their name being attached to the exhibition. I hope it will go well. I look forward to it, but I haven't been back to there since Steve died. If I can I want to see his bed.

My computer has gone to the PC Doctor today with virus that has messed it up completely. So I am without my documents and pictures; I am writing this on my son's laptop. Soon I will put more pictures up of the progress I am making with images.

And, I will write about God and Faith and what I am thinking of it all. I warn you, it will be a muddle. There is very little I can be sure of there. I will write about it soon. Today, all I could do is think.

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